Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Cup runneth over... all  over

Lord Stanley’s Cup spent its first day in Boston getting ferried around the city in a baby carriage, posing for pictures with fans, napping with exhausted Bruins [team stats] captain Zdeno Chara — then partying into the evening at a waterfront bar. “We’re going to Tia’s!” a stoked Dennis Seidenberg told the Track shortly before Chara and Andrew Ference loaded the Stanley Cup into a baby carriage for the short walk from Chara’s Union Wharf condo to the Marriott Long Wharf bar. “It’s different,” said Dennis,
of partying with the Cup, “but it’s fun!” The Holy Grail of Hockey arrived in the Hub early yesterday morning along with the conquering rink kings, who took a red-eye from Vancouver. After making an appearance at the Garden, the Cup went home with Chara, the team captain and the first to get custody of the ice chalice. “I think I keep it about two days,” Chara told the Track. (According tradition, everyone on the championship roster gets to spend some quality private time with the Cup.) Lincoln Wharf resident Therese Russo was on her way to the dentist yesterday morning when she got the surprise of her life. “My neighbor came home with Lord Stanley hanging out the back window of his car!” she said. In front of his building, Chara posed for pictures with every fan and signed every autograph — including one for a lady who insisted that the disbelieving defenseman sign the inseam of her shorts! — then headed upstairs with the Cup and a security guard. “About an hour later, he came down in a T-shirt and Adidas sandals,” said Valerie Umana, who works at Regan Communications, in the same building where Chara lives. “He got on his bike and rode off to get his beard shaved.” At Firicano’s Barbershop on North Street, Richie Firicano did the honors. “It was about 2 1⁄2 months worth of growth there,” he said. “He had had enough of it. Mission accomplished, time for it to come off.” Like the rest of the team, Chara went unshaven during the playoff run, but by yesterday afternoon most of the hairy hockey hunks had lost the facial fuzz. Mark Recchi and Chris Kelly had the Barbershop Lounge on Newbury Street do the honors, but Chara returned to his neighborhood haunt for the shearing. “We had to bust out the heavy-duty clippers to take it down before I could put a blade to his face,” Firicano said. Z was so happy to lose the beard, he invited Richie and the rest of the barbershop crew over to his house to have their picture taken with the Cup. We heard he also invited the postman up for a private viewing, and later in the day some of his teammates arrived and they were spotted on a roof deck hoisting the trophy for crowds that had gathered below. After those festivities, Chara hit the hay for a few hours then rallied to load the Cup into a baby stroller, and he and Ference hit Tia’s, where they met up with teammates Recchi, Patrice Bergeron, Nate Horton, Brad Marchand, Milan Lucic, David Krejci, Shawn Thornton and Tuukka Rask. We heard baby B Tyler Seguin was also in da house, but he may have gotten broomed due to the fact that he’s underage. “It was pretty crazy,” said Tia’s server Kevin Estrela, who saw Chara, Ference and the Cup arrive at the waterfront watering hole shortly after 5 p.m. “I don’t think anyone in here had a clue it was coming. But when you see a 6-foot, 9-inch Slovakian guy come in with a Stanley Cup, you put two and two together.” The guys spent a few hours eating calamari and drinking champagne on the Tia’s patio before heading out to Stella in the South End for dinner, with their new best friend, a 2-foot, 11-inch guy named Stanley. File Under: B Cup. As expected, Tim Thomas [stats] is the hottest thing to come outta Boston since, well, Tom Brady [stats]! Ex-Bruin-turned-marketing guru Cleon Daskalakis reports that his phone was “ringing off the hook” yesterday with offers for the 37-year-old Conn Smythe Trophy winner. “I was going to go out to Vancouver for Game 7, but I decided I should be in the office (yesterday) if they won, and boy was I right,” the Celebrity Marketing cheese told the Track. “The phone has been ringing all morning with endorsement deals for Timmy.” Daskalakis said he couldn’t discuss anything until he discussed them with Thomas, but added, “I promise I won’t put him in panty hose . . . Unless it’s a great deal. Then, Timmy, we’ll have to talk.”

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