Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Voice: Million-dollar quartet

I’m not going to bitch about the final four because, given the teams and circumstances, it’s as it should be.
I love Nakia. I love Frenchie. But I knew they were going home.
I will, however, bitch about this all-star <em>Under Pressure</em>. Nonexistent harmonies and no chemistry. MAKE IT GO AWAY.
Each finalist will do one original and one duet with their coach. Let’s go!
Javier Colon: Stitch by Stitch. Expectedly solid, and it probably sounds terrific on record.
I’d just like a little more OOMPH sometimes from Javier. He’s been stronger in past weeks. But he’ll have a career regardless of what happens. Trust.
Dia Frampton: I Won’t Back Down. Dia and Blake in matching suits and shades. Cute. But he completely overshadows her onstage. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. The shy-girl schtick just ain’t cutting it. Am I the only one who’s tired of it?
Vicci Martinez: Afraid to Sleep. ’80s power ballad for the win. Can’t you hear Heart singing this? All teased hair and heavy eye makeup and money notes and a creepy children’s choir. I like it. And I love Vicci.
Beverly McClellan: Beautiful. Savvy move, XTina, doing one of your most enduring hits as the duet. Beverly brings conviction to everything she does. But it’s a bit like the oversinging Olympics.
Dia Frampton: Inventing Shadows. Much stronger on her original song, though it lacks some punch in the chorus. It always seems like Dia’s on half a sleeping pill. SOMEONE WAKE HER FULLY UP, PLEASE. (And remind her that she’s released several records.)
Javier Colon: Man in the Mirror. A great vocal for both guys. Adam helps but doesn’t outshine Javier. It’s a triumphant moment. Can anyone beat Javier at this point?
Beverly McClellan: Love Sick. All right now! I’m loving this. It sounds modern but still totally true to Beverly. She’s grown every week, and this is a shining moment. Easily the best original of the night.
Vicci Martinez: Love is a Battlefield. I’m loving this, too, an homage to the original video and MJ’s Beat It and Mad Max and ’80s angst. Where are my shoulder pads?
So who’s got this? Javier, as we anticipated from the beginning? Or will one of the ladies take it? (I’d secretly — shhh! — love Bev to win.

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