Sunday, July 3, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Previewing The Final Days

Closing arguments for the Casey Anthony murder trial are set to begin 9 A.M. EST. Sunday and last all day long. The jury is expected to begin deliberating as early as Sunday evening and work together throughout the Fourth of July holiday.
The end is near for a trial that has lasted over 30 days and left jury members completely secluded from the outside world.
The trial has quickly become a summer obsession for Americans. CNN’s Headline News has dedicated every weekday entirely to the Casey Anthony Trial and their ratings have drastically increased. They are expected to have live coverage throughout the weekend, including the closing arguments, and have even listed a countdown clock for how long until closing arguments begin.
The case has brought plenty of shock and awe according to legal analysts. The state of Florida believes Casey Anthony murdered her own two-year-old daughter, Caylee, using chloroform. They portrayed Casey as a mom who wanted to party instead of parent. Casey didn’t report her daughter missing for thirty-one days and surveillance videos at various establishments in Florida show her partying, shopping, and even getting a tattoo days after her child’s disappearance. Once Caylee’s body was discovered, just a few miles from the Anthony home, authorities discovered duct tape on the body which was the same tape found at the house.
On the other hand, the defense shocked trial watchers in opening statements claiming the death of Caylee was an accident. Instead of being murdered, Caylee accidently drowned in the family swimming pool. Grandfather George Anthony, a former cop, saw Caylee dead, panicked, and hid the body in the nearby woods. In addition, the defense claims Casey was sexually abused by her dad, George, and brother, Lee Anthony. George adamantly denies such claims and Lee was never asked when on the stand. The abuse is why Casey never told anyone about her daughter’s disappearance. She was emotionally scarred and was used to keeping secrets, according to the defense.
Many in the media including CNN’s Nancy Grace and TruTV’s Vinnie Politan, believe the prosecution did enough to win their case.
There were some high points when the defense presented their side. However, once the prosecution proved that defense witness Cindy Anthony was lying about doing the controversial Google searches including “chloroform,” “neck breaking,” and “shovel,” the state was looking stronger than ever.
Caylee Anthony (August 9, 2005 - June 16, 2008) was a young, two-year-old girl known for her contagious smile and brown hair with bangs. Many believe Grandmother Cindy Anthony was her primary care-giver who absolutely loved and adored her Granddaughter. Many trial watchers, especially, in Florida, have developed an emotional attachment to the young girl.
Casey Anthony is accused of first degree murder. If convicted, she could be sentenced to death.

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