Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casey Anthony will find final justice(Photo-Video)

Being retired, I was able to watch or listen to every minute of Casey Anthony’s trial.
Many people have been convicted via circumstantial evidence, a classic case being the Delaware attorney Thomas Capano, convicted in 1996 for murdering his lover Anne Marie Fahey. Her body was never found.
It’s my opinion that had they never found Caylee Anthony’s body, it would have been much easier to convict her mother based on her actions during those 31 days (in which she failed to report Caylee missing) and how she lied to the authorities. What disturbs me most is that the jury never asked to review any of the evidence and didn’t ask any questions after they deliberated.
Do I believe she’s guilty? I believe she acted suspiciously. I believe she acted like someone who did something wrong and didn’t want anyone else to know about it. I believe she is concerned about Casey Anthony and Casey Anthony only. I believe that everyone in that house knows more than they admit.
Again, do I believe she’s guilty? I want to believe that I would have voted to convict her. I want to believe that I would have sat there and not been swayed by any of the other jurors. I want to believe that the facts presented would have convinced me that she was guilty.
What I don’t believe is that Casey Anthony is “innocent.” She was found “not guilty” by the preponderance of evidence.
Do I believe that Casey Anthony killed her daughter? I believe that Casey Anthony was involved in the death of her daughter. Could I have convicted her based on the State of Florida’s presentation? I hope so.
I believe she is guilty of killing her daughter, but I also believe it doesn’t matter what I, the jury, or anyone else on Earth believes. I believe that it doesn’t matter what we decide is Casey Anthony’s fate. Her final fate and the ultimate decision will be left up to the higher power. What that fate is, no one knows. One day, we will all find out. The right verdict will be made.

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