Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dad: I’m here waiting for Celina’s return

The father of Celina Cass pleaded for his little girl’s safe return yesterday as investigators searched by air, land and water for the 11-year-old missing for one week.
“We are all wondering where my daughter is and hoping the best for her safety,” Adam Laro told reporters
yesterday. “I’d appreciate it if we get her back very soon.”
Laro said he had recently been hospitalized but did not say why.
“If she hears me now, tell her Daddy’s OK now,” said Laro. “I’m doing much better, and whenever you’re ready to come home, Celina, daddy will be here waiting for you.”
Authorities have investigated more than 400 leads, but the grim possibility has begun to sink in that Cass may not be found alive.
“Ain’t nobody hopeful,” said Robbie Kimball, the owner of Wayne’s Lanes and Jo’s Grill. “The only hope we have is that she’s going somewhere and maybe will get in touch with us.”
Divers scoured Back Pond in tiny Stewartstown, N.H. — population 800 — for any sign of the missing fifth-grader, said Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young.
“We’re searching for Celina Cass as a missing person,” she said. “We have no evidence to categorize this any other way.”
The small pond is less than a mile from Cass’ home. She was last seen playing on her computer last Monday night and had vanished by the next morning.
“She’s a very good friend, and she never lets anybody down,” said 11-year-old Makayla Riendeau, one of Cass’ best friends, who said she wouldn’t run away.
The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for information in the case, and a community member has added $5,000.

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