Monday, August 29, 2011

Casey Anthony: Is Danger in Florida Greater for Tot Mom?

Casey Anthony's lawyers cited significant concerns regarding the safety of their client in the arguments against Casey returning to Florida to serve out her year of supervised probation. It has been reported that Anthony has received death threats since being acquitted in the death of her daughter Caylee, 2, and has been in hiding.

However, having received the dubious title of "the most hated person in America," her safety in any state could be brought into question. The level of contempt directed at Anthony has not been exclusive to Floridians. But, is there a legitimate threat to her safety?

Is this an overreaction on the part of Casey Anthony's legal team? A way to garner the sympathy of the court or the country as a whole?

Another section of society highly despised both inside and outside the bars of a prison cell are child molesters. Pedophiles frequently face angry and threatening community protests upon their release when their location is made public. Some could say that the threat to their safety could be equally assumed.

In the case of Casey Anthony however, Judge Belvin Perry has authorized the Department of Corrections to keep her address confidential while she serves probation. Can this authorization be considered special treatment? Is there a legitimate threat to her safety?

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