Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Do Justin Bieber and Casey Anthony Have in Common? Value?

Okay, Justin Bieber and Casey Anthony are probably not related in any fashion, will never share a beer together, or do a duet. But they both have what the public has placed so much upon them—value.

The economy is heading South, mutual funds and other traditionally safe investment tools are in the red, and

the Dow Jones Industrial Average is causing a stir in the global markets.

And while a perfect storm brews in the economy, celebrities and the infamous are lining their pockets with the greenbacks you shower them with in the form of - value.

It's the shock and awe of seeing Justin Bieber on stage, or wandering among mere mortals with Selena Gomez in an ice cream parlor that empties the piggy bank.

Anytime he or his "Who Says" gal pal drop an album, the pennies in the cookie jar drop like the stock market.

And Casey Anthony—the woman who allegedly killed her daughter for a life of value and thrills, increases her net worth as you flock to newsstands to get a glimpse of her staged photo op in the wild blue yonder, again among mere mortals.

Like Justin Bieber fever, Anthony has built up value inthemselves. Both are just examples of how controversy and a manufactured star sells.

As they say, if you build it, the masses will come. The same nonsense is at work when the public shells out half of their earnings and most of their retirement is spent on the value placed on big names like JB and Caylee's mother.

Has the public gone bonkers about what value really is? FYI: Try curling up with your significant other by a fire, reading to your growing child, and having family night instead of going to a "Never Say Never" movie.

And while you're at it, try looking at the future when things really make sense beyond the media mania about a child killer or the return of Shawty Mane. Family? Now that's value.

What's valuable to you?

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  1. Justin is just to young to be. :) I really believe in early 2020's he will be the famous celebrity ever. :) such a young age

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