Wednesday, November 30, 2011

iOS 5 Untethered JailBreak Delayed, Apple Killed Chronic DevTeam Exploits

We heard earlier from Chronic DevTeam at JailBreakCon that they have discovered five different userland based exploits which would help them to release an iOS 5 untethered JailBreak. As per the latest update on Chronic DevTeam blog , despite their countless efforts, Apple has found and killed them continuously in iOS 5 Betas and even after the release of iOS 5 final. Chronic DevTeam wants to inform us that they worked

really hard to make iOS 5 untethered JailBreak successful, but all of their efforts went in vain. 
How Did It Happen? 
Well, all the vulnerabilities which Chronic DevTeam discovered were sent back to Apple in the form of ‘Diagnostic information’ through iTunes. This is something no one can prevent right now. One of the reason why the development of iOS 5 untethered JailBreak never appeared in Beta. If they would have sent it to beta testers, probability that Apple could have found all those vulnerabilities and patched them right in the upcoming software update. So, it is very difficult to get rid of this problem. There are chances even if they attach their iPhone on someone else iTunes, all the crash reports or diagnostic information would be sent automatically.
How Can You Help? 
First of all, you shouldn’t not send any crash report information to Apple. If iTunes asks you to send anything which would help Apple to improve its software, it’s a cobweb. Apple is ultimately fixing all those vulnerabilities which would appear in the form of bug fix in the next software update. You are their biggest weapon and if you help Chronic DevTeam in finding those crash reports instead of Apple, it would help them to release an iOS 5 untethered JailBreak.
Install The Software (Mac Only) 
Considering all the above situation, Chronic DevTeam is releasing a tool which would send all those diagnostic information to them. Everyone who want to help Chronic DevTeam in finding the crashes in your iDevice should install this tool now. Currently, the tool is in beta and works only on Mac. In next 24 hours, the final version for Mac and Windows would be released. So, do you want Chronic DevTeam to release an iOS 5 untethered JailBreak for you? Install the tool now!
Download the tool from here . Let’s know in the comment section what do you think about it?

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