Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exercise to simulate an attack on the London Underground, for Olympics

About 2,500 police, ambulance and fire brigade attended Wednesday in an exercise simulating an attack on the London Underground in the 2012 Olympic Games, taking place in the British capital, the government announced.
The exercise, held in the disused Aldwych Underground Station and will continue on Thursday, will allow testing of emergency response services in case of attack.
These exercises are "vital," said Chris Allison, Scotland Yard responsible for Olympic security. "We need to know that we have the right people in the right places," he added

"We leave nothing to chance and we will thoroughly test the entire system, the Government, the Games organizers and emergency services to be prepared for any eventuality," said Interior Minister Theresa May, who attended the exercise company mayor of London, Boris Johnson.
"We will show the world that London is prepared to host the Games," said the turn of pompierillor representative in London, David Whiting.
The security for OJ provides mobilization of aircraft, two warships and 23,700 people, part of the army (13,500 soldiers) and in the private security companies and at least 3,000 volunteers.
In July 2005, British capital was the target of several attacks that resulted in 52 deaths, in addition to the four suicide, all British.

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