Saturday, February 25, 2012

Air Force One travel costs - How much is one hour by plane presidential

Costs of travel by U.S. presidential aircraft Air Force One amounts to 179,750 dollars for an hour flight, in fiscal year 2012, said Maj. Michelle Lai, for ABC News.
This includes fuel, flight supplies, repairs and maintenance of aircraft and engine. Salaries of pilots and attendants are not included because they are paid whether or not air is used, Lai explained to ABC News.
Therefore, the movement made ​​Thursday by President Barack Obama in Florida would cost at least 674,000 dollars just to fly Air Force One. In this state, the president gave a speech about the draft budget, then
participated in three meetings fundraising.

Moving from three days last week, in three states, which included two occasions and eight fundraising in presidential campaign collected more than eight million dollars, the cost of flight generated 2.1 million dollars.
As the proportion of those costs covered by Obama's campaign, experts say the law is very unclear, and repayment takes practice to a certain degree of "honor". Obama's campaign reimbursed far more than 1.5 million travelers in this election cycle, according to Federal Election Commission.
White House press secretary Jay Carney said last week that the administration complies with all rules and previous examples for presidential trips with two goals.
Under the rules, official travel costs are borne by taxpayers President, while political movements are paid by the candidate's campaign committee. When you have dual-purpose trips, official and political costs must be divided.

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