Sunday, February 26, 2012

Explosion at a Brazilian naval base in Antarctica. Two people were missing and another was injured

Two people were missing, and another person was injured Saturday after an explosion caused a fire at a Brazilian naval base in Antarctica, military sources announced.
The accident led to the evacuation of about 40 researchers.
The Brazilian Navy, the fire in the building's electrical generators Comandante Ferraz base, located on King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula near the top.
Wounded soldier, whose condition is stable, has received initial care to the polish, being later transferred to the Chilean Eduardo Frei, Brazilian Navy announced in a statement.

Brazilian Navy personnel working to control the fire.
About 30 researchers, a alipinist a Brazilian Environment Ministry representative present in the plant when the accident were evacuated Chilean territory, according to the Brazilian Navy.
Air Force of Chile have said, in turn, that 48 Brazilian and two Spaniards were evacuated by helicopter to the Chilean city of Punta Arenas, located about 3090 kilometers south of Santiago.
"The information we have, the would be completely destroyed," said Chilean Defense Minister Andrés Allamanda CNN Chile. He added that in total 45 people were evacuated from the Brazilian.
Allamanda said that the two missing people were "probably dead" and that the Chilean provided care to a wounded, while other aprozimativ ten people received medical care at the Frei.
In addition, polar research ship Almirante Maximiano Brazilian left Punta Arenas heading towards the scene.
Base Comandante Ferraz performs scientific research on marine ecosystems, especially in the coastal zone.

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