Friday, February 24, 2012

Closing Wikipedia was a worldwide success

Yesterday's protest of the Wikipedia platform brought greater popularity than in previous days, more people wanted to see the message that online encyclopedia protest against the law "Stop Online Piracy Act" (whisper), which is said to limit the independence and freedom of sites powered by the users. Thus, according to analysis firm Experian Hitwise, Wikipedia was ranked in the top eight most visited websites in the UK, much better than the day before, even if the only available page was a black screen with a message about Internet freedom. The only solution to the blockage was the user to press "Escape" before the message appears,
says site. 5.8 million visitors have been on Wikipedia today only in the UK, and visits from mobile devices increased 14%. Compared to the conventional, online encyclopedia mobile platform was not blocked by anti-whisper message. Success of the campaign was revealed by site founder, Jimmy Wales, who wrote in a message on Twitter "updates! 8 million Americans have sought congressional phone numbers and 162 million users saw the black page ". Wikipedia not only protested yesterday. A Google spokesman said that 4.5 million people signed petition against online giant whisper.

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