Friday, February 24, 2012

Romanian-born agent of the Washington state police, shot dead by a criminal

A Romanian-born agent of the police state of Washington was shot dead Thursday morning by an offender was driving a vehicle that is stopped for a road checkpoint and then killed himself.
Tony Radulescu, aged 44, was born in Bucharest and moved to the United States when he was 14 years. He worked in Washington state police (State Patrol) for 16 years and was seconded to the Agency office in Bremerton.
Radulescu 4:01 p.m. off highway vehicle driven by Joshua J. Blake, aged 28, and broadcast machine data to be checked. Radulescu has not called back to the station so that a deputy sheriff of Kitsap County went to

the place indicated by the highway and found him wounded. The agent was taken to Medical Center St. Joseph in Tacoma, where he was pronounced his death, reports the Seattle Times Electronic Edition.
The man suspected that the shot is a criminal who threatened to harm police if arrested again, according to the Department of Corrections (DOC) state. Blake sat in prison for manufacturing methamphetamine, assault and breaching a restraining order, said a DOC spokesman Chad Lewis. The offender was supervised by the authorities because of his violent tendencies and non-compliance, even after release from prison.
Joshua Blake was shot while Kitsap County sheriff's deputies came to arrest him in connection with the murder of Tony Radulescu. Blake was hospitalized at Tacoma General Hospital, where he was pronounced his death Thursday afternoon.

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